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Interviews are useful for filtering out unsuitable candidates, not for finding good hires

I estimate I’ve hired between 50 – 100 programmers over the past ten years. Most of the people I’ve hired I have also worked alongside as their team leader or as their manager. After ten years of interviewing and hiring

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The one reason for doing a code review

Ask a programmer why they do code review and you’ll get a different answer depending on the phase of the moon. There are lots of good reasons, but there is one killer reason that should be at the top of

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UK jobs on Jun 2010 to Dec 2012

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Difficult bugs

I’ve been working on an interesting chapter of my upcoming book about programmer interviews. The chapter is titled “The usual suspects” and in it I’m writing about some of the difficult bugs programmers will all face, sooner or later. I’ve

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Free minutes aren’t. Unlimited data isn’t.

I absolutely love the English language. It’s so wonderfully slippery. There are hundreds of ways you can say a thing, depending on what effect you want to have. I love that. But I hate it, too. I hate the way

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A flowchart for hiring programmers

Hiring a programmer is not rocket science.  Notice the flowchart does not necessarily involve recruiting agents. @KiwiCoder

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This is why BT should pay me to keep a land-line


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It’s a great time to be a programmer in the UK (Part 2)

Part one here @KiwiCoder

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Why software projects are always late (Part 2)

The list of reasons why software projects finish late is seemingly endless. Here are four more. The first part of this post is┬áhere. Absent project sponsor The most sensible thing I’ve ever heard about project management is the vital importance

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If I code faster it is by copying the code of giants

I’ve never been expert at DIY, but I’ve always been willing to give things a go. I once replaced the floorboards in an Edwardian terraced house. This was memorable because while cutting a board with a circular saw I managed

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Ed Guiness

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