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Should I include GCSE results in my CV?

A quick follow-up to the post “The ideal CV of a software professional” to answer a question I’m asked surprisingly often in various forms: I’m 28 years old. Should I include my GCSE results in my CV? My first reaction

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The ideal CV of a software professional

Tip #1: Make sure you include relevant keywords, but don’t overdo it. Let’s not fool ourselves, the main purpose of a CV is to get you past the filtering process of recruitment agencies, HR departments, and other hurdles that stand

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Ed Guiness

I am the author of Ace the Programming Interview, published 2013 by John Wiley and Sons. In 2012 I founded, a volunteering organisation for programmers. I have been a professional programmer for more than 20 years, and a hiring manager since 2004.

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