It’s a great time to be a programmer in the UK

According to the Office for National Statistics the ratio of vacancies to jobs in ICT reached a low point July 2009 and has been climbing steadily ever since.

Contrast this with vacancies in all industries, which dipped to around 1.8 vacancies per 100 jobs and stayed there, and it looks like it’s a great time to be a programmer in the UK.





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5 comments on “It’s a great time to be a programmer in the UK
  1. You appear to be confused about ICT and computing/programming – they are not one and the same. ICT does not involve programming, it’s all about the usage of computers/technology. Perhaps “It’s a good time to be able to use Microsoft Office” would be a better title

  2. Ed says:

    “Information and Communications” (ICT) to the ONS is a superset that includes “software professionals” ie programming.

    It would be better if they split it out, but they don’t.

  3. Jack says:

    It looks like it’s a better time to be a programmer than in 2009, and you’re better off in ICT than other industries, but there’s still an unmistakeable decline in ICT over the decade.

  4. Tim says:

    Also says nothing about rates of pay. Judging by job ads over the last two years, there are fewer jobs that pay well. Pretty much what you’d expect.

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