I simply interview applicants and give you my assessment. No strings attached, and no placement fee. 

Most recruitment agencies charge a fee based on the starting salary of the candidate they place with you. This fee is typically 15% to 30% of starting salary, and you still have to spend your own time shortlisting and interviewing.

Rather than charging a placement fee, I simply charge for my time and expertise.


Phone interviews

Includes a standard set of technical questions covering the main technologies and concepts required for the job, along with a brief discussion of the candidate’s background, experience and strengths.  Each interview will typically last half an hour. A written summary of each interview is provided and includes who was contacted, how they scored, and my overall impression.

In-person interviews

The in-person interview includes an in-depth look at the candidate’s  skills, strengths, and experiences, and a more detailed description of the vacancy. Each interview will typically last between 1 and 1.5 hours. A written summary of each interview is provided and includes how the applicant scored against questions asked, and my overall impressions. Ideally the hiring manager will attend these interviews.

CV sifting

A short written summary of each CV is provided, and an indication of whether each CV is promising.  The collection of promising CVs will normally be used as a shortlist for phone or in-person interviews.

Review a job ad with the hiring manager

I will give you my impressions of the advertisement and may suggest improvements.

Write up a job advertisement with the hiring manager

Includes drafting and review with the hiring manager, based on the job specification. If you don’t have a job specification I can write that too.

Advertise the job

Includes posting the job advertisement on one or more job boards.

It’s entirely up to you where you post the job ad, and for how long. If you want me to do it I will normally post it for seven days on See below for links to prices on Jobserve etc.

CV Collation, Query handling —

Includes answering applicant enquiries via phone or email, collation of applicant CVs.
• Minimum of five days.

This fee is charged for each working day Monday to Friday. For example a job ad that runs for seven days will normally be charged at £250 with no charge for Saturday, Sunday or bank holidays.