About me

My name is Edward Guiness. I’ve been developing commercial software since 1991, and I still love it.Ed

I’ve been a hiring manager since 2004, and have been frustrated with recruitment agencies who are usually enthusiastic but have no idea what it takes to actually write and test great software. I have often wished to meet a recruitment agent with a first-hand understanding of software development, but I never have.

In my years as hiring manager I have interviewed hundreds of programmers in the UK and India, and those I hired would often work directly with me or in one of my teams. I don’t think there is any better way to learn about interviewing programmers than this.

My book on programming interviews was published in 2013 by Wiley.Ace

Unlike many recruiting agents I am first and foremost a technical manager and not a salesman.

My technical experience is mainly with C#, .Net, SQL Server and Perl. I prefer Agile and Scrum but I have first-hand experience of many other approaches.

“I’ve worked with Ed for most of the past decade. I’ve worked with a lot of other software development managers too, but what distinguished Ed was that he never stopped being a coder at heart; from the perspective of the men and women who actually make the software, Ed never crossed the line to being one of “them”, no matter which job title he was wearing. That’s important because Ed understands coders, and that made him invaluable in recruitment.”

Tim Taylor — Software Development Manager and Quality Assurance Manager, Capita Plc (2000-2011)

“Ed screened quite a few developers for me in a short space of time and his insight was spot-on. The two developers I hired have been brilliant. It takes a techie to properly screen technical candidates and typical recruitment agencies just can’t do it like this.”

Matthew-Baxter Reynolds — Director, AMX software